Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge

A Fishing Lodge In Andros, Bahamas.

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"My brothers and I have had a once a year opportunity to be together for the last few years. We found the Mt Pleasant Lodge to be a great place to have our little mini reunions. One of my brothers is an avid fly fisherman and the opportunity to get record bonefish on Andros Island has been a big attraction for the past two years.

The home-like atmosphere is great for any grandfathers that are missing the grandkids, and the wi-fi is great for those that find that they need to be close to the office. The hammocks out by the beach are fine for those that really just want to kick back and read a book. We'll be back..."

- Norm Stafford

A Promise To You

When you visit our Lodge, we treat you as if you're family.


Fishing Lodge's History

Mt. Pleasant is a family owned and operated lodge that has been in business since 2001. The property has been in the Farrington family for 100 years. The property is located at the end of a 1 mile driveway. It is a peaceful and secluded setting with four cottages and a main lodge dining building. The setting is white sand with plenty of trees creating shade for hammock or beach chair lounging around the property. Six miles of uninhabited coastline accessible from the lodge offer walks on secluded beaches. A short walk from the lodge leads way to the blue holes. These blue holes are small pond like water openings in the forest that open way to extensive underwater caves systems that attract divers and researchers from around the world. The property also offers miles upon miles of hard bottom wadable flats. Waters around the lodge are 1-4 feet deep at high tide and low tide leaves about 200 feet of tide pools and coral formation exposed for exploring out of water. The lodge property also has a tidal creek and with each new tide it runs like a river through mangroves for about 1 mile. The creek is perfect for swimming and snorkeling and there is a creekside beach that is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. Only 1 mile from the lodge is the second largest coral reef in the world offering great diving and blue water fishing.

Andros Blue Holes

Blue Holes are found in many places on Andros Island, with two of the most famous ones just a few minutes walk away from Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge. Most of them lie along a massive fracture system which starts in the marine environment at the edge of the Tongue of the Ocean and runs through the land and across South Bight. Rare and highly specialized species, including cave fish and shrimp can be found within the blue holes. Many of these endemic species have highly restricted ranges. For further information or to arrange a dive session contact Lynden Farrington at: 1-242-464-3029.

Lodging & Accommodations

Mount Pleasant has 4 cottages that are 50 feet from the white sand and clear waters of the Atlantic. Two of the cottages consist of two bedrooms, one room has two queens while the other room has two twin beds, bath, living room, small kitchenette, front and back patios. The other two units are one room with two double beds, private...

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